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    My first Treo 650 has a perfect qwerty keyboard. The response for all of the keys is pretty much the same, and it is easy to type on. However, the 5-way nav had largely different response and feel in each of the 4 directions. I had PalmOne send me a replacement. The 5-way nav is much better, and has a pretty even response. (At least as much as I could have expected). However, on the second, there are a few keys on the qwerty portion, especially the 'j', which are not very responsive. They do not move as much when you push them, and it is hard to tell if you have even pushed the key in. The 'j', specifically has no click at all like the rest of the keys.

    Do others have similar issues? Is it possible to get one with an keypad that has everything working properly? I don't want to have to keep requesting replacements.

    I also fear that even if I do get a good one, that it will wear out in a short time, and develop similar issues.

    I would appreciate any input from others who have had similar experiences.


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    I think most have a soft button or two. The good news is that its covered for a year if/when it fails.
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    My key on the bottom right, the up arrow barely moves when pressed, its very hard to tell if you have pushed it or not. The rest of the keys at the bottom deffinatly have less bounce along with the up, down, left and right on the 5-way. The power/screen button is bounding with the most bounce and greatest resistance, stronger click. My calender button has half the bounce of the other upper level buttons.

    But the only thing that bugs me is the option button. I have to use it all the time and I only get the desired response half the time because I cant always tell if I pushed it or not.
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    In the last week, my 4 month old 650 has had the press response entirely go away on both my p-key and the right shift key (a couple of days apart). I had what was a lovely super wonderful hardware unit until this and now typing is a pain, and enabling "night mode" (option, rightshift) only works after several presses.

    Time to make a hardware warranty claim I s'pose.
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    I prefer non moving parts. This will be my next Treo.
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    Well, the 3rd one was the charm. It is reasonbly even across all of the keys. Palm was very great in sending replacements quickly and eating all of the shipping costs, so I'm happy.


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