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    Recently, when I select Voice Dial, it shows me the screen to please wait while it voice-activate my contacts. However, it gets stuck there. Iíve uninstalled it and reinstalled it twice now and it still gets stuck there (note Ė it does not freeze the unit, in that it lets me hit the cancel button). However, I canít even get back to the place to re-enter the registration code or change the settings. Last night, it stayed on that page for 6 hours.

    I contacted VoiceSignal today and they told me the following:

    "This is a known bug that occurs with certain peopleís contact lists. We have an update that should correct this problem, and at this point, we are just waiting for it to finish going through PalmOneís QA process. They should be posting the update shortly on their website."

    She said they are hoping to have an update posted within a week.

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    I had that problem after the firmware update. I had to soft reset my phone and then it would work. The problem lasted about a week or so and then it just went away. (not sure why it would go away, but glad it did)
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    At least you got a response....I wrote them asking why the CoiceDial app keeps growing in size and still haven't gotten an answer.

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