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    So it would appear the VersaMail has a HUGE bug. If I "forward" an email it retains the original sender's "reply to" field so that anyone replying to my forwarded email will actually reply to the person who originally sent it to me.

    Furthermore if they "reply-all" I *still* won't get a copy.

    This is a huge, ugly, big, bad bug!! I had employees replying to my email about customers and customers getting their replies!!

    I've checked preferences and reply options and all is set correctly.
    Any clues?

    Snappermail? Chatter? Obviously VersaMail is a non-starter for business users unless a fix comes out quick.
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    Chatter handles this situation correctly, with replies directed to my address. It sounds like WorsaMail is doing a Bounce rather than a Forward.
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    Versmail is shovelware, it's trash. Go with something like Snapper (what I use) or Chatter. Both are viable and great solutions. Versamail is the biggest piece of garbageware I've ever seen. They should just rename it to "unstable" or "tons of reboots", at least then it could do what it said it was.

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