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    am getting my treo 650 wednesday here in northern NJ from a Cingular provider.

    i want to start out clean, but also want to install the firmware upgrade.

    I have experience with Palm desktop, using a M515 and T2.

    I'm not sure which files to download (are they for MAC only since I am using a PC) and which files do I install.

    How would I install this, step by step, to make it work.

    thanx in advance for helping out the old guy
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    From one NJ Newbie to another, lol

    There are Mac install instructions for the latest official update (1.04) here.
    Just make sure you follow the intstructions carefully. Especially the part about your phone info: Treo650-1.02-CNB or Treo650-1.02-CNG

    Personally, I'm waiting for PalmOne to release the "official" 1.21 update.

    I'm a PC guy so sorry I can't help you any further.

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