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    On my Treo 600 I would login to Yahoo using blazer and have access to my mail, weather, stocks, etc. I would only have to login once and the Treo would stay logged in to my personal Yahoo account for months at a time. Now with the 650 I must login after every session. It seems that once I exit the browser I get kicked out of my account. I do have cookies enabled on the 650.

    Any thoughts?
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    Yes, I've noticed that too. It's annoying.

    TreoCentral has no problem maintaining my login session from day to day, why can't Yahoo do the same?
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    Hm, it keeps me logged in. I use their mobile site as my homepage, maybe that helps.
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    Are we talking about the same site here? I use it as my home page too: It still forgets my login every time GPRS disconnects.
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    No way, what's annoying is that Yahoo supports all these other services and phones as (I'm mobile) status... But not our $600 "smartphone." I'm growing very tired of noone supporting my phone. I'm disconnecting my home phone and I can't find a good landline docking station (even the blutooth enabled ones) that support the treo 650 either.
    I'm not going to bash the treo. I just wish it wasn't excluded from so many of the services offered to other blutooth cell phones including the Yahoo messaging services.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wballz33
    Hm, it keeps me logged in. I use their mobile site as my homepage, maybe that helps.
    Doesn't work for me. I changed my blazer home page to my yahoo page while looged onto yahoo and I still get disconected all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kwilkins
    Doesn't work for me. I changed my blazer home page to my yahoo page while looged onto yahoo and I still get disconected all the time.
    Ditto that... im gonna have to change my password to something easy to type on that small *** keyboard
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    Okay so I'm not the only one with this problem. Funny thing is that my treo 650 was working fine. It actually did remember the login.... that was before sprint had a problem with their vision (around the san francisco area, fixed now) and before I updated to 1.08firmware. Couldn't figure it out and thought it was the 1.08 firmware but since I'm not alone.... I feel happy that it's not my treo or sprint. Question now is it yahoo or the firmware?
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    I don't think it has anything to do with firmware. Mine is a Cingular GSM with FW 1.05.

    Here's something interesting: on my *desktop* PC, when I browse to using Internet Explorer, it forgets my login state every time. When I use Firefox, it remembers.

    Looks like it has everything to do with the browser. I'd be interested to know what Xiino and WebPro do on the Treo.
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    It also logs me out too. Although it keeps me logged in on the regular Yahoo! site.
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    I'm using a sprint 650 with the firmware upgrade and as my homepage with blazer, have never been logged out.
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    I'm trying verichat right now. I don't like it as much as causerie 2.0, but I think it's just due to preference. It works great and has nice functions. I think causerie was just better organized in the interface. that's all. I really hate that our phone is not supported by yahoo as a mobil user sms as of yet.
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    My yahoo mobile stays logged in as well and I dont even use my yahoo from my phone that often. It will stay logged in for weeks or more. I'm using the sprint firmware upgrade if that helps.

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    I'll say mine does stay logged in unless I sign onto yahoo from a different machine. Have you thought about that? Maybe you are signing on to a different machine, or even have "automatically connect" enabled on a home box that tries to sign back on when it gets dissconnected. Mine did that for a couple days until I notice that option was enabled.
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    I had the same problem with yahoo, but tried this and it stays logged it until you force yourself out:
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    that's the one I used also. now I'm trying verichat. I like the alert thing. Using it on yahoo constantly refreshing and such really sucked.... on my 600 dollar phone!
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    My! Yahoo logs me in automatically on my 650. Check your Blazer settings...

    options -> preferences -> general and advanced

    Do you have your blazer set to disable cookies? How big is your cookie cache? Do you have it set to Clear Cache on exit?
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    Have you tried this address ?

    (where xxxx is your ID and yyyy your password)
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    That seems to work.
    (where xxxx is your ID and yyyy your password)

    Is there another way? This way requires always having to sign-in before using Y! services such as movies, etc.

    It's been a long time now since this problem was discovered, I wonder why there isn't a solution. Y! worked great with my Treo 600 and Sprint.
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