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    I have been able to get Verizon Wireless Sync to work with my Outlook Server to send and receive e-mails. I'm not really interested in synchronizing contacts over the air, but it would be nice to sync my CALENDAR over the air using VWS.

    I think I have all the settings correct, but the calendar does not sync.

    When I hook my sync cable to the phone and my computer, I can do a calendar sync with no problem.

    Not a killer issue... but sure would be nice to have the "over the air" functionality of synchronizing the calendar over the air using Verizon Wireless Sync.

    Any suggestions?
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    Does the error log (on the Wireless Sync Web site) give you any information? Is Wireless Sync on your Treo set to sync your calendar (the check box in SyncXpress)? I use it over the air and it works fine for me.

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