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    I have a TREO 600 and Verizon service, firmware 1.11.

    When I go into my Favorites, and try to add a SpeedDial entry... I hit the Lookup button, and then try to enter keystrokes to type the last name of the person I'm looking for. The Treo just makes a double-beep for each keystroke entry. It won't take any input!!

    I can scroll up and down, and then select an entry... and that works fine. But if I scroll down and then hit a keystroke to select a name, it beeps and the cursor jumps back to the top of the list.

    It wouldn't be too annoying to scroll down to select entries... except for the fact that I have 24,000 names in my Contact list. Takes too darn long to get to the one I want.

    VERIZON / PALM told me that it may be because I don't have a SIM Card installed, that the phone settings have been programmed into firmware. The told me (on the phone) to see if I have a card in the SIM slot, and I told them I didn't have a SIM Slot (at least none I could see based on their instructions and description of where it should be.)

    I purchased this phone off E-Bay... so I don't have any warranty type claim.

    Any other thoughts on how to fix this problem?

    In the meantime, I'm just doing a CUT and PASTE into the Favorites I want... or, go figure, just typing them in manually. But I sure wish this feature would work.

    Can't say I have any other problems to note... yet.

    THANKS in advance for your help!!
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    If you have a Verizon Treo, then it's CDMA instead of GSM - in simple terms, that means you don't have a SIM card or slot.

    I have never seen this problem before, but then I've never seen anyone with 24,000 contacts before, so perhaps there is a connection?

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