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    One of the best features of the palm was handwriting recognition? I am not able to use handwriting recognition on the palm treo 600. Instead they have provided the small keyboard? Is there any way to have handwriting recognition installed on the treo 600?
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    no i don't think so because they provided the keyboard......
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    Yes, search Handango and PalmGear for "graffiti."

    There are several third party graffiti applications that work on the 600. Graffiti Anywhere works well and is free, IIRC.

    But, before you bother with that my suggestion is to work with the keyboard a while. I loaded grafitti on my 600 when I bought it, but discovered that I almost never used it. The keyboard and 5 way are actually a much better form of text entry and navigation. at least for me.
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    I agree with the above. Give yourself a few days to get accostomed to the keyboard. I have big fingers and struggled my first day, Now I can do it much faster (I"m no power user so I havne't had a lot of time to practice). Also you can access an onscreen keyboard whenever you want and peck with your stylus.
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    I never thought I would ever get away from using it but it didn't take long. My goal is to try to use the stylus as little as possible.
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    This question always amazes me....and it gets asked here quite often.

    The keyboard was THE differentiator for the Treo line. That's what first attracted me to it. I find it very odd that so many people won't let go of graffitti....

    Makes me ask...why did you buy a Treo in the first place?

    NOTE: This is not meant as a flame (I know how touchy people are around here these days)...this is merely a curiosity question.
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    Ditto that. Why would anyone buy a Treo if he were just going to use Graffiti anyway?
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    Just install this freeware program (Graffiti Anywhere) and you'll have graffiti on demand. Even the lower-left to upper-right stroke works to open the command line.
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    I had a M505 before I got my 300. I Hated the loss of grafitti on that phone because it lacks the 5-way nav button I've come to love on my 600.

    While YMMV I don't miss grafitti at all since I rarely use my stylus anymore.
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    I use MobileWrite, it recognizes graffiti as well as regular English printed letters. Also has some other nice features. The trial version can be downloaded for free from
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    I use a program by CIC called Jot. It works just like graffiti. There's no toggling it off/on, no pressing the corner or the screen to enable it. The only thing bad about it is pressing buttons on dialogues can be a little awkward. You can't just quickly tap the answer phone button, you have to like press and hold.
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    I have used Grafitti Anywhere with my 600(s) for a year-and-a-half now. I've come to accept the keyboard (not much choice), but there are a LOT of symbols and commands ONLY accessible through Grafitti; ie: try calling up 'forward slash,' <, >, ,;, , }, etc.) with your keyboard and you'll immediately see it's major limitations.
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    for my 0.02re, I'm with Joad. I use the keyboard as much as I can but use the stylus for selecting text and graffitti anyware for Copy, Cut and Paste commands.

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