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    I finally decided to invest in the Boxwave Versacharger since it looked like a nice all in one unit and I like their mini sync that I had for the 600. The Versacharger lasted a grand total of 2 uses before the wall socket prongs stayed in the wall socket when I tried to pull it out to take with me to the car. Has anyone used this thing for a while without problems? Is it a good idea but just put together poorly, cheaply (but not cheap to purchase), flimsy, or did I just get a bum one? I can't afford to be without a charger on the road like this!
    UPDATE: They sent me a new one and when trying to charge from a wall outlet with the versacharger and the minisync it seems to take forever to charge. Is this how it works for everyone? Hello?
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    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
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    I am having problems with my brand new Versacharger too. If I plug it into the AC outlet with nothing attached, the light is green.

    With a sync/charge cable attached, the light remains green and the device does not charge.

    If I rapidly plug and unplug and alternate between sockets, I get the Treo to make the charging sound *beep beep*, charge light on Treo comes on briefly, then disappears. Light always remains green on Versacharger.

    What gives?

    P.S. Have tested cable for both sync and charge through PC USB and it works perfectly.
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    I own two Boxwave Versachargers. One broke. I emailed the company and they were happy to exchange my broken with for a new one.

    Overall, I'm pleased with the Boxwave Versacharger: It's great just to be able to carry one charging device.
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    They have ignored half a dozen emails from them. Stay away from Boxwave. It's fine when the product works, when it doesn't, they ignore you. Way to perpetuate the sterotyical Asian company.

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