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    I bought my 650 unlocked GSM from Palmone and need to return it..a month ago I had called PalmOne U.S and asked them how I return..after being on hold 1 hour they told me I have to return it to Palm Canada for a replacement and gave me a number and I havent had time to call them since and I've misplaced the number...does anybody know the actual number for Palm One Canada to return and get a replacement?

    I'd hate to have to wait another hour just to get the number for PalmOne Canada...I tried searching the Canadian site for return details but I basically get to some forms and it mentions "Rogers" to do the service *but* I didnt buy the phone from Rogers and do not want them to replace the phone with a locked Rogers version...if anybody from Canada has swapped one out any info would be appreciated...I'm getting the dreaded HalRadio error again and my phone is resetting 5+ times every single day!
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    Just a note..I went through and filled out the return form with my serial number and as suspected it gives me Rogers number to contact to return the phone which is 866-931-3282 , I have a feeling that this isnt the correct number at all and as mentioned the unlocked phone was bought from PalmOne U.S and I live in Canada and just want a replacement unlocked GSM.
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    Ah, not very comforting. I have thought about purchasing an unlocked GSM from PalmOne here in Europe, but have been afraid of experiencing difficulties with warrenty repairs. My previous Treos (270 and 600) have had several warrenty repairs each and having to deal with Handspring was a nightmare. I later purchased a Treo 600 from the telco Orange and their exchange service was much, much better. It always worked flawlessly, within 24 hours i received a new phone by courrier. Godsend as I had it exchanged 5 times! Talk about quality control on PalmOne's side!

    You have convinced me to wait for Orange to release the Treo 650 eventhough they sure are taking their sweet time to do so.
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    For anybody that has this problem in the future and needs the Canadian number call

    **I called Palmone U.S and they gave me a Service request number and the Canadian number, I called them and gave them the service request number number and my credit card for Advance replacement which is $49.99 and a new phone will arrive in 3-5 days....both calls took less than 40 minutes total.

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