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    Just bought a Treo 650 and am trying to get my Versamail to retrieve from my Netzero inbox. I have followed the instructions to the letter in Netzero's troubleshooting guide. And yes, I'm using authentication...

    Has any successfully setup their netzero box to both Send and receive email?

    Also, does anyone know of any good, free POP3 email services?
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    gmail works great.
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    I, too, have a paid Netzero e-mail account and had trouble using VersaMail on my Treo 650 to retrieve my Netzero e-mail messages. I contacted Netzero via the submit-a-ticket option provided on their website for e-mailed assistance. They responded to my ticket saying they do not currently support VersaMail and directed me to the manufacturer of the software. I then contacted Palm, the manufacturer of VersaMail, via their online tech support and after essentially saying they couldn't help, they directed me to Cingular for further assistance since my Treo 650 is with Cingular. I haven't yet contacted Cingular, though if the manufacturer of the software, Palm, can't help me I really don't see what Cingular could do. Still I will try.

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