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    Does anyone know where to find another adapter cable like the one included in the Sprint kit?

    I'm talking about the "pig tail" that plugs into the phone and allows you to charge using one of the undoubtedly myraid adapters we all already have from other phones to charge the 650.

    My only remembrence from my trusty old Kyocera 7135 is the adapter from it that I'm still able to use thanks to this cable.
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    This part doesn't seem to be available anywhere. There have been a few other threads, and AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $no$ $one$'$s$ $been$ $able$ $to$ $get$ $one$ $from$ $Sprint$, $PalmOne$, $or$ $any$ $other$ $source$. $I$'$ve$ $got$ $one$ $I$'$ll$ $trade$ $for$ $a$ $650$ $cradle$ &$lt$;$g$&$gt$;.
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