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    I could use a little help with this one.

    My keyboard lights started to no go on.
    I had Brightcam installed but it was inactive.

    SO i would turn it on and then off and then the lights would come back on.
    Kept happening so I removed Brightcam and now my key lights dont come on at all anymore. I dont have brightcam on my Phone anymore and cant get the lights back on . Any clue how to remedy this. I cant type in the dark anymore.

    I will add that i dont have KB lights on my Treo.

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    Have you tried to install one of the Kb lights apps? I wonder if installing one would allow you to fix it.
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    Do the lights come on just after you do a soft reset? If not, then the device is defective.

    If they come on at the beginning of the soft reset process then go off again, then it is likely that Brightcam isn't completely gone from your device. Something has to turn the lights off (they don't go off by themselves).

    As sxtg suggested, you might want to install KB LightsOff, start the program and manually turn the lights on using the on/off switch at the bottom of the screen and see what happens.

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