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    So, as found here on Treo Central, the new firmware is working!

    My displays as follows:
    Firwmare: 01.21
    Software: Treo650-1.06/5050/0... the rest runs of the screen. It is an ROW image, as I edited it using Shadowmite's tool and loaded a few things... I also removed the non-English language files, Real Player, SIM Services and all the VersaMail bits. (I like Versamail, but waiting till one can sync Exchange Contacts and Calendar info with it, then I'll use it instead of Snapper, perhaps...)

    Good news! The NVRAM fix seems to be included. I just checked and I have 19.4megs of free space! Some of that is because I have Snapper, Backup Buddy, BeamPro, Ewallet, Kar Kare II, Kinoma Player, Mergic VPN, Mobile Terminal Services, Nettime, Palm VNC, Verichat, and World Mate Pro in ROM! So cool... The only catch? Everytime you want to update one of these apps, a new ROM gets built and flashed. Most apps only update a few times a year though, so it's not bad. I have a few apps that have had trouble with the Treo 650, like Stock Manager. Going to load it to see if it works now that the RAM problem seems to be better.

    More info later!
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    what firmware update are you referencing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew23
    what firmware update are you referencing?
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    Read the Singapore post.
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    thanks, for GSM only, right?
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    Which shadowmite tool for customizing rom are you referring to. I thought the tool was for CDMA phones only....and how do you know which specific prc, etc. files you can rid from ROM???
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    Yes. This is the update released in Singhapore. It is for GSM phones.

    Shadowmite's site now has fairly detailed info on editing the roms for GSM phones. It's actually quite straightforward.

    As to knowing what you can and can't remove, that comes with experience. I have had every Palm since the 1000, and have been changing ROM images since the Vx. Language files are easy, as the duplicate ones are named with a country. You should remove the ones with DE, FR, ES. Same with Versamail, because most of it parts are from the old Multimail app, and include a background engine, .prc files for different attachments, a wizard and the app itself. As a general rule, take a look at the files in Filez, if you can't identify a file don't remove it. Bluetooth drivers, ir drivers, etc fall into this category. Unlike the older Palms, if you build a really faultly image that prevents the Treo from booting, you will permanently damage the Treo! So even though it's cool to edit roms, one has to be careful.

    Good luck!
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    there is a pdf at shadowmite's forum that lists all the files and which ones you can delete safely.
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    Thanks folks for the info...I found the PDF...which helps alot...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRoN
    there is a pdf at shadowmite's forum that lists all the files and which ones you can delete safely.
    Just be aware that I made that for the CDMA 1.03 ROMs. Plan to make a 1.08 version sometime this week.
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    Anyone encountered problems with bluetooth after the upgrade??

    Treo 600 Rocks!
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    I applied the update (hotsync version), went from 5.1MB free to 10.7MB free.
    No problems with mobile network logon (Vodacom South Africa).
    Bluetooth headset works flawlessly(did not have any issues previously though), speakerphone mode is a MAJOR improvement, I can actually hear the speaker now, and full volume is TOO LOUD (unbelievable, but it's true).
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    WARNING: A friend just tried the 1.21 update on an Palm One Unlocked GSM Treo 650, and afterwards he's getting the dreaded "Not Enough Power to Activate the Phone" message. Not sure if this is a bug in the 1.21 software, or perhaps his phone was actually broken and the 1.21 update revealed the hardware problem (he's always had lots of resets).

    Sounds like the only way to fix this is to send it in for repair, see
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    Over 24h with 1.21 without any crashes! Previous I had 2-3 resets during of such time. Now it is real TREO! I love this game
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    I bit the bullet and updated my unlocked GSM 650 with the new firmware using the SD method. Got more free RAM back and the phone is solid!
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