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    So I have imported my email settings from Eudora just fine to Versamail....My personal comcast account works just fine...HOWEVER my work email is giving me the error message: "Timeout reading response" Any clues? I set the settings to stop after 2 minutes...but my email on my laptop checks email in about 5 seconds or less.....

    OH and this message is coming after the message "Connecting to Mail Server"

    Is something getting blocked here?

    In a followup (since nobody has replied) a copy of snappermail did work flawlessly in checking my work email. Any clue (due to features) why Snappermail would work, but not Versamail?
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    Have you continued to have success with SnapperMail? I'm having problems with SnapperMail, sounds like exactly the same problem you were having the VersaMail.

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