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    Once I get my Sprint T650, does anybody here in the Bay Area wanna help with a Shadowmite Custom Rom install (who has already done it his/herself)? I'm currently using a Sprint T600.

    Defintly wanna get rid of Versmail and RealPlayer and install some of those free Treo utilities in its place. (Waddya also think about FontBucket and/or SilverScreen?) Here's my story:

    My laptop died on me and I'm getting a Sprint T650 (ze 15% off coupon thing) in the next few days (saving for a rainy day) to replace my laptop. Since I don't have a traditional synch mechanism until I recover my hard drive via a hub or or start a new synch process using my Mom's computer. (bad economy, don't ask!)

    See Thread there (Post #18 on up):

    I just e-mailed another TC user in regading making a custom ROM to e-mail to me. Still haven't worked out the details yet.

    I figure I'll be usinbg the T650 for a more than a year at best (until the next version comes out and the kinks are sw patches are ironed out

    In return, I could take ya out to lunch or something, as my current job is reatail sales and my money situation could be better than it is
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    Just ordered the T650 today. Anybody interested in giving me a hand?

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