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    didn't see this posted yet. I know that most people are pockettunes fans here, but I had bought aeroplayer's lifetime registration before getting a treo so it's still what I use.

    Aeroplayer has a new version that plays AAC which is what iTunes uses. it still won't play protected music from iTunes out of the box with the AAC plug-in, but they have a link on their website that shows you how to remove the protection for your "fair-use."

    I use mp3 & ogg so I haven't tried the AAC plug-in yet, but thought some may be interested...
    -- berto
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    I noticed that too. I signed up for Aeroplayer as well a few weeks ago. (In retrospect, I was kicking myself because I learned that PocketTunes has a streaming capability which I would have liked).

    But this is nice because there are some great dance remix tracks available on itunes that I have not been able to find elsewhere. I did 'skim' that website showing you how to remove the protection, but it seemed daunting (although like I said, I just skimmed the instructions).

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