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    I'm a very happy current Snapper Mail user so take that into consideration when reading this.

    Also, the version of Chatter I looked at is the latest Beta version so it may very well be that questions I had will be resolved in the final version - or are simply me misunderstanding some options/features.

    Push Functionality
    Ok, I got to admit - this is a VERY nice feature that I liked a lot! Good job.

    Q1 Does Push functionality only work for IMAP accounts or is it possible to have POP accounts also 'push' emails to the Treo?

    I assume emails to POP accounts are either received either by 'quicksync' or to have it setup to retrieve every X minutes?

    Q2 How does the continous push functionality effect the battery power? Has anyone checked how faster [if it does] it drains the battery?

    I also really liked that the screen doesn't light up when emails are being retrieved. I hate it when Snapper does that.

    Another great thing with Chatter was that it proposes email addresses when you start typing one based on previous email addresses used. Love that and Snapper does not do this.

    Various Issues/Question I had when using the Beta version:

    I1 I setup a Gmail account and quicksynced it (max 20 posts). I got a lot of older emails. I deleted them on the Treo. Synced again - and another 20 old emails were loaded onto my Treo. ANY way to set it to just receive unread emails?

    I2 When deleting emails in my POP account (or IMAP) they seem to just dissappear and not moved to a Trash folder (which you can then either recover emails from - or empty). When deleting from Chatter - does it automatically delete it from Treo's memory and free up that memory?
    Are there any thoughts/plans on adding a delete->trash->empty functionality in Chatter a la Snapper which I must say have saved my **** a few times when accidentally hitting delete...

    I3 HTML support. I really miss this. I get a bunch of 'happening this weekend' emails that display great in Snapper but are more or less unreadable in Chatter. Any plans on adding native HTML support within Chatter?

    I4 There's a setting for 'traditional IMAP deletion'. When I have that selected I can't seem to delete any emails. They just remain. I'm sure this is one of the ones that I am simply not understanding the functionality of

    I5 I often got a number of emails to reply to and I have enjoyed Snapper's Outbox functionality that lets me create a number of replies and then send them all at once without having to create-send, create-send which even on Chatter does take a few seconds. Is this a functionality that is there to use and I just overlooked it?

    I6 This one I don't think is Chatter-specific but thought I'd throw it out to see if anyone have a solution. Once I incorrectly typed in an email address as when it should had been - now when typing 12.. in the TO-field the incorrect one is always displayed as an option. Any way to clean up these mistakes?

    I7 Opening an attachment (photo). I wish it would launch the photo viewer and display the photo - instead of as now saying '..has been added' and you have to leave Chatter, run the app, display the photo and switch back to Chatter. For people like me that uses Switch5 for instance it's a breeze to switch 'back' to snapper/chatter if it launches another application.

    Am I ready to give up my SnapperMail Enterprise version for the new Chatter (once again, based on the Beta version)?

    I don't know..but this is the first release of Chatter that I have really enjoyed using..and the first time I haven't been so frustrated with it that I delete it within the hour. I like it and will keep it as a trial on my Treo and see which one (Snapper or Chatter) that I go to most in the next 29 days. (I'm also hoping that some of the 'issues' I had above are pure user errors on my side).
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    I can vouch for the excellence of the newest beta version of Chatter (probably going to be released tomorrow as a final version)...I use a gmail account and the push factor works flawlessly. I forward all of my email from gmail to fastmail (IMAP) and use chatter. Emails come thru and is sent almost immediately and I haven't had any problems with the lastest beta version.

    As to:

    Q1: I don't think so, I think you have to sync everytime
    Q2: I haven't noticed any significant battery loss...

    The auto-fill for addresses is so great....

    also the newest beta-version fixes the deletion problems that you are experiencing.

    Get the latest beta...i'm sure you'll LOVE it.
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    I'm using beta Ver 1.0.5rc13[80:28] Apr 22 2005@15:53:57
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    h....I have rc8 and it works fine for me
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    I have 8 days left on my chatter trial and am probably going to buy it. The push e-mail is great and very efficient when I am away from my laptop. I also used Snapper for awhile but hated the screen always lighting up when an e-mail came in. that alone made me delete it from my 650. I currently have Chatter configured so all I get is an audible notification that an e-mail(s) has arrived. Other then not syncing my calendar, this app is a blackberry killer in my opinion.
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    Hi, Tiffany. I'm glad you're giving Chatter another shot, and frankly I'm THRILLED that your comparison puts Chatter and Snapper on a fairly equal footing, given that Chatter's POP3 support is very new.

    So related to your questions/issues:

    1) Chatter "syncs" the last n (user-selectable) messages from the POP3 server to your Treo. It might be nice, as you suggest, to only load messages more recent than a particular date (or lookback time). I'll think about putting that in the next version.

    2) When you delete a message in Chatter, it gets "greyed" out, and doesn't ACTUALLY get deleted until the next time you "QSync" with the server (you should be using "Traditional IMAP Delete", by the way). That gives you plenty of chance to recover from a mistaken deletion - just use the "Undelete" command to reverse the deletion.

    3) Messages with a text part and an html part works nicely with IMAP messages, but not as well with POP3 messages at this point. Yes, I will be working on this.

    4) See #2

    5) This functionality was in Chatter, but somewhere got lost (I don't think anybody noticed). What's wrong with having the sending going on continuously, since it doesn't stop you from doing other things?

    6) Yes, I will have way of editing the "recently used" list... You can start the list over with "clearaddr" at the Console. (It doesn't affect completion using your Contacts, just the recently-used addresses).

    7) It's on my list...

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    I must say Chatter has absolutley saved my skin. The wife and kids went on vacation and borrowed a relative's new home...that still did not have a phone or cable TV - which meant no Internet access. I was able to conduct my work for 2 1/2 days from my Treo via Chatter. It was stable, consistant, and w/out a doubt a lifesaver...only problem is I find myself staring over at all the time waiting for that "quickflash" LED light to tell me another email has arrived....oh boy I need a life.
    I wish I had a dime for every dime I have
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    I generally think Chatter is great. Pretty much replaced SMS (and Snapper) for me.

    Only Chatter negatives (at least for me):

    1) battery life is bad - I get about 10-12 hours before seriously needing recharge.

    2) Often wonder if I sometimes miss calls while my email account is being polled.

    Still, overall a great program (and I paid for both Snapper and Chatter).
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    Quote Originally Posted by drrjv
    I generally think Chatter is great. Pretty much replaced SMS (and Snapper) for me.

    Still, overall a great program (and I paid for both Snapper and Chatter).
    I paid for both as well but Chatter is way better for my needs since I discovered IMAP. I hope message storage to SD card is on the horizon - that's the only thing I miss from Snapper.
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    Marc, thanks for your reply.
    I've played with Chatter for literally hours today and so far it looks really good but I have some questions..and one thing that is quite a bit of an issue for me.... And believe me...I wouldn't even ask about the below unless I really liked the application. You may got a winner here. Just a feew concern or questions rather..

    But first, let's go back to the original items I brought up - and your replies..

    I1) - No big deal. Thanks.

    I2) - The deletion function does not seem to be working for me in my AOL account. If I have 'traditional IMAP deletion' turned on the following happens;

    1) I open up the email,
    2) I hit the red delete 'X'
    3) I return back to the main page and the email shows as 'read'
    4) If I click on the letter icon and select 'Delete' the same thing.

    Note: I don't have 'sync messages' turned on for my AOL account. I for various reasons want to keep some emails around longer - or shorter - on my Treo that I do on my laptop. Is that the reason why this doesn't work?

    When deselecting 'traditional IMAP deletion' the email deletes right away.

    ("Funny thing" is that in my GMAIL account (which I assume is POP) the emails shows as 'grey' when I delete them with traditional IMAP turned on..).

    Same question as before as well: Does deleting them this way automatically free up the space on the Treo? When I 'empty trash' in Snappermail I can sometimes free up .5 Meg depending on how much I had in trash - does this free up for every email that is deleted?

    I3) HTML in emails
    Actually HTML emails I get to my AOL account does not appear as HTML - you see the actual tag lines, etc. I'd love HTML support in IMAP as well as POP

    I5) I agree. Not a big deal at all.

    I6) Thanks!

    I7) Great...keep working on it

    New questions:

    I8) When using the Summary view (which by-the-way I LOVE!):
    a) Does the date-labels always just go back 6-7 days? Is this a setting somewhere? Could the last label be 'Older than x/x/xxxx'?

    b) Any way to NOT show the blue date label for days where there are no emails? In my summary it shows 4-5 days in a row with no emails under and then then one older email shows up under the last label. Hm, hope that question made sense to you...

    I9) This is the big question. Something ain't right...
    I setup a GMAIL account in Chatter and it kinda worked the first few hours..but now I'm getting weird results. Not all emails are being picked up by Chatter.

    (In Chatter I right now have one AOL account and one Gmail account and the same setup (and accounts) in Snapper)).

    I created 5 test emails:
    #1 Sent from GMAIL to GMAIL from w/in Chatter
    #2 Sent from AOL to GMAIL from w/in Chatter
    #3 Sent from GMAIL to GMAIL from Snapper
    #4 Sent from AOL to GMAIL from Snapper
    #5 Sent from Yahoo from my Laptop to GMAIL

    Checking my GMAIL account online on my laptop: All 5 emails got there!

    I hit 'Quicksync' in my GMAIL account in Chatter..and: #2, #4 and #5 came in

    I hit Quicksync again,but no more emails came in.

    I went to SnapperMail triggered a sync: Freaky weird...also only #2, #4 and #5
    Checking my GMAIL account through Chatter:

    I then sent to some non-GMAIL accounts from my GMAIL account in Chatter:
    #6: Sent from GMAIL in Chatter to AOL account
    #7: Sent from GMAIL in Chatter to Yahoo account

    Both emails came across ok in Snapper, Chatter and online laptop

    So..seems like something is happening when sending GMAIL-GMAIL for both Snapper and Chatter when checking those through snapper/chatter - but the emails comes over fine when checking the gmail account on my laptop.
    I'm..confused... Not a Chatter-issue it
    ANY clue?

    I got three new emails in gmail. They come to Chatter. I delete them in Chatter. I quicksync. The same emails get loaded again. I delete them. Quicksync..they come back... Ideas?

    I10) I notice that in my gmail account the envelope in the lower right hand of the screen has a padlock next to it - but my AOL account does not. Is that because I have 'use SSL' turned on for my gmail account but not for my AOL account?

    I also tested the attachment function for POP back and forth and it looked good The only problem I've had is when I in gmail have queued up an attachment to load fully, i quicksync, it loads..and it resets. Has happened twice now.

    That's it for now...

    Did I mention I love the Summary folder?
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    Whew, I'm exausted just reading it
    I wish I had a dime for every dime I have
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    And to just make #9 even more odd... if sending an email from the gmail account from my laptop - to the same gmail account.. that one shows up in snapper, chatter and online on laptop....

    i give up
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    Why the long face?

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    I tried chattermail just yesterday. Installed the new beta. I loved the program, but for some reason, all my calls on the sprint system went directly to voicemail. This was for a pop3 account at work. I'm not sure if it was the program itself, or the way I set it up. I just went back to eudora. It sounds like others have had better luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Why the long face?

    I think I'm in a phase where I need instantaneous gratification

    I really only have a FEW questions (looking at my one may think there would be more...) - and to sum them up:

    I2: Currently 'traditional IMAP deletion' doesn't seem to do anything for my emails in my AOL account - and when its turned on my GMAIL emails just turn greyish. I turned off 'traditional IMAP deletion' and deletion works fine.
    Am I missing something here? And DOES the deletion that way free up the memory immediately?

    I8: a and b: potential new features or is there a setting i'm missing?

    So far I notice that I immediately go to Chatter to check emails..not Snapper... Either I'm very fickle..or Chatter is really 'all that good' with this new version...
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    Marc, I just watned to follow up with Tiffany's question (I3 above) regarding HTML support. I am not sure I uderstand your response about html working well with IMAP messages. I am using the latest official release of Chatter and from what I have experienced, it does not natively support html. Like Tiffany, all I see are the actual tags. I have had to change all of the email preferences that I get (news, etc) from html to plain text.

    Is this something you are working on as well?

    For me the 3 things that I like about Snapper vs Chatter are:
    1. GUI: seems neat, fluid, and gives an impressions of "slickness"
    2. Saving emails to SD card
    3. Native HTML support

    In spite of this, I am still favor Chatter over Snapper.

    I look forward to the future developments.
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    pilottreo1 - The CMDA systems (Sprint/Verizon) will tend to lose more calls to VM than the GSM systems. That having been said, it still shouldn't be that serious unless you get a LOT of email or unless there's a setup issue. If you make me a log of 30 minutes activity while running Chatter, I can see if there's a setup issue. (Logging instructions are in the FAQ at

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    I2: Are you running "online" or with "QuickSync"? What settings are you using in the "Delivery" options?

    I8: a) There's no way of setting those now.
    b) That will be fixed soon (in a new beta)

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    buirus - I hardly ever see HTML tags in email, and when I have, it's been a bug that I've worked on fixing. I'd like to see some messages like this, if possible (one issue is that forwarding often differs from the original). If there's a sender whose mail arrives with tags, perhaps you could get them to send me an email at (or if it's a website, perhaps give me a like so I can get them to send me mail directly).


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