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    switch to gmail dw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew23
    switch to gmail dw.
    I do have a gmail acct, but just as a spare. Damn, now I'm pissed that I paid for Yahoo POP & forwarding when I can't even retain the orginal messages on Yahoo's site
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwman
    I do have a gmail acct, but just as a spare. Damn, now I'm pissed that I paid for Yahoo POP & forwarding when I can't even retain the orginal messages on Yahoo's site
    As you are finding out, it looks like the ability to fwd a message while retaining the messages in the current account, is Dependant on the e-mail service that you use. It looks like both fastmail and gmail have settings that will let you do this. I'm a bit surprised that yahoo's pay service doesn't let you do this as I can see a possible need for it.
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    how does chatter differ from versa mail that came with my treo650 with verizon...? have u had any treo650/verizon users yet???
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    Yes I am curious about Chattermail vs. Versamail and also either of them vs. Wireless Sync. I have a VZW 650 and I have Wireless sync loaded, but would chatter be a better option? (using pop3 account) I was looking on Chattermails website but it is not very detailed.
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    Hi. Chatter is VERY different from VersaMail, especially if you have an IMAP account (and if you don't have one, you really owe it to yourself to get one).

    1) Asynchronous - it runs all the time, asleep or awake, and receives and sends mail without your having to wait for it to complete

    2) With compatible IMAP host - REAL pushed email delivery and online email manipulation (i.e. as with your desktop, you can move messages between folders, load attachments, etc. in real-time).

    3) A nice Summary view that integrates multiple mailboxes into a single one.

    You can load the software, manuals, etc. at


    p.s. It works fine with the Verizon 650.
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    how is IMAP different than pop??
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    if u had a gmail acct would u fwd the gmail acct to the IMAP/Fastmail acct??
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    treonewyork - That would work to get you (effectively) pushed Gmail.

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    You sure have put a lot of time into working with Chatter so this might be pretty elementary. I am also using AOL. When you read an email and don't choose to keep it, do you let it go into your OLD email folder. I do this knowing that in a week it will be deleted. But this saves having to delete those that I don't want to keep after reading them.
    The problem is, when I retrieve emails on my Treo using any of the mail clients including Chatter, I get the emails in both my NEW and OLD folders from AOL. This despite that I have checked the "Only Load 'Unread" Messages" box. There were 166 messages in my OLD folder and 23 in my NEW and I received all 189 in Chatter.
    How do you deal with this.
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    Ok now that Im past the initial push problems, and the inbox is flowing smoothly I have a couple more questions

    1. How can I see (or can I) the subfolders under my inbox?
    I have a lot of rule processing going on so thats kind of big

    2. Can I map my outlook junk mail folder somehow so I dont see the stuff thats going in there in my chatter inbox

    3. I know its been mentioned, but any ETA on saving stuff to alternate locations?

    Oh, and also when I get a new message, im not getting the audible tones.
    Just the LED and vibrate, any thoughts?

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    for number 1 do a search for child folders.. there was a thread that marc explained this in detail which helped me out... 3 in the notifications pref there should be an option that you can check to get the alert working.. hope this helps...
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    If you're not getting audible tones, go to the Treo Prefs application and check the Sound setting for "Messaging".

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    Quote Originally Posted by treonewyork
    how is IMAP different than pop??

    I like IMAP better than POP3 but yet I use POP3, I must be crazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pilottreo1
    I tried chattermail just yesterday. Installed the new beta. I loved the program, but for some reason, all my calls on the sprint system went directly to voicemail. This was for a pop3 account at work. I'm not sure if it was the program itself, or the way I set it up. I just went back to eudora. It sounds like others have had better luck.
    Same thing happened to mel. I use Sprint and with Chatter loaded every call went straight to voicemail. Within a few minutes, I deleted it.
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    GolfBallMan - Something was obviously wrong if that was the case. In my experience with Sprint, the range of calls going to VM is 8% - 20%, depending on usage. For GSM phones, it's more like 3% - 8%. If you're doing worse than that, you should send me a log.

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