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    I know it probably has something to do with timezones but here's the setup

    Timezone on my Treo 650 is Brussels Belgium
    Timezone on the Exchange server is also Brussels
    Timezone on my Mac (Entourage) is also Brussels

    when I put in an appointment in Entourage and then use Versamail 3 to sync over exchange activesync the appointment is synchronised correctly

    If however I put in an appointment on the Treo (Calender or Datebook5)
    and I use versamail to sync then the appointment appears 2 hours too late + it has the icon of "invitations" with it although I did not "invite" anyone

    HELP !
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    I have exactly the same issue but no clue how to solve it. This also appears to happen not in every occasion but with some appointments (recurring ones)

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