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    I had to do a 600-->650 upgrade using a straight sync since some of the apps I did not have the .prc for, and some are custom DB with 100's of records.

    All seems to be okay, so far.

    Does anyone have a list of files that may be left over from the Treo 600 that are no longer needed and I can delete from the 650?

    Don't yell at me for doing the upgrade this way, I really didn't see no other way because of all the non-PIM data that would have to be re-entered.


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    ok, we won't yell at you for doing the upgrade that way, as long as you don't come and b**** that your device keeps resetting. Sort of like how the guy who goes to see the doctor - 'Doc, it hurts when I do this'. Doctor says: 'Then don't do that'.
    If you don't follow the knowledge base instructions on the best way to upgrade, then you really shouldn't complain if you end up have problems. Maybe it'll all be good - but I would doubt it.
    We'll see......
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    Im sure I have a list but it would be in the form of backed up files. I could send you screen shots of the files but their would be about 6 of them with small print, not to small. you could download a trial version of backup buddy and i could email you the list and you would be ably to view the file names through the sample back up window. I honestly have the list faily well memorized and if you want to post a list of your files I could tell you what could go, but that would be a whole lot of typing.

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