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    I've got a Cingular T650 and most of the time I love it. But I've had some issues where I had to do hard resets. The original issues are less important to me at this point than the issues that come up with the contacts database. For me Contacts and scheduling are two mission critical elements on my PDA made even more critical on the converged 650 (my first combo device).

    To make a long story short: After s hard reset I cannot restore the contact, memo, calendar (and some other) databases that backed up to the expansion card. I have written to both Bitsnbolts and Iambic and they both provide reasonable suggestions but they don't work.

    I've tried:

    * A hard reset, keep the phone off, go to the card and do a device restore but multiple files will not restore.

    * With the phone off (or on) I go to the Backupman (current version .52) and try to restore individual files and it says the file exists do I want to replace. I say yes and it tries but it fails.

    * I've tried deleting the file on the internal memory, but it won't delete.

    This seems idiotic to me. I don't know that I've got a good back up to my computer of the contact database as it doesn't show up in the files on the computer...

    I have worked through the initial irritation and swearing. I have a set of contacts on a Tungsten|C that I beam over but I am not adding contacts at this point. I used BackupMan almost exclusively on the T|C and it got me out of any number of sticky situations. I use imap mail and don't worry about email files on the 650 (although snapper enterprise backs up *and* restores so clean it's scary!). I do think that if BackupMan cannot restore a core database like contacts it shouldn't be on any approved list for Treo650... even if the issue is with Palm, Iambic, etc.

    What have others experienced with restoring contacts or the calendar (?) DB? I hate to say it but I've actually become a bit addicted to Agendus's format for contacts and calendar. I like it, but I suspect the issue is somehow related to Agendus or the phone's contact db - even when the phone is turned off.

    Ideally, and I'll look into this further, the contact database could be kept permanently on the card and never exist on the internal memory. Agendus needs to be on the internal memory due to scheduling reminders, etc. but why make the contact database stuck on the flash memory?

    Sorry to run on but what good is backing up if you can't restore? As they say in the business, they should call it *restore* software. Thanks GZ
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    I'm a few hours away from dumping Agendus. Great 'looking' software, nice features (although they should dump their email module and reduce their price), but at the end of the day it seems buggy: can't restore, re-install issues, amazing lack of competent support - having forums is not really a support system -its a supplement to a support system. A product that is a contact manager but has problems restoring contacts has got to go. I'm having zero problems with other programs on the 650, disappointing. Keywords: iambic, agendus, bugs, lost contacts, problems, poor support, doesn't work correctly.
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    You're hardly alone. Try Datebk5 Not as "pretty" as Agendus, but far more stable and unmatched support by the developer.

    Also, BackupMan is now up to v1.53
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    I agree about Agendus. When it's installed, I get resets. When it's not installed, I don't get resets.
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    I totally agree with everyone about Agendus. Datebk5 is great but as dwman said, it is not as pretty. I cant help it, I'm shallow...not sure what to do now.
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    Agendus crashed my 650 every freaking SMS that came in. I dumped it and was glad I did before buying it, it LOOKS like a nice program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    Agendus crashed my 650 every freaking SMS that came in. I dumped it and was glad I did before buying it, it LOOKS like a nice program.

    those sms issues have be resolved...IMO, Agendus is solid and better than Datebook 5
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