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    My Treo 650 screen has an area in the center of the screen that looks a bit like an oily puddle when viewed from a particular angle. I've used a Boxwave screen protector and never done anything to damage the screen.

    I removed the screen protector and the spot remained -- but the next morning it was smaller, and later that afternoon it was gone. I put the Boxwave back on and less than 8 hours later the spot reappeared.

    Anyone seen this happen or have an explanation? Might this be a reason to ask Sprint to swap my Treo out for a replacement?

    Any thoughts on the issue would be appreciated.
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    Ive had that on my last treo, they will not replace it for this reason. worth a try though. I think a lil too much pressure causes it. once its there its there to stay.. worse thing thing is, you can only see it in certain lightings. It will be unnoticeably in a sprint store. so its hard to complain about
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    Yes I had the same problem, heres our discussion on over at pdaphonehome click
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    Thanks for the help. Much appreciated....

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