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    I was wondering whether Backupman has done a successful restore for those using Chatter.

    I recently purchased Botzam, and it apparently corrupted Chatter's Inbox folder: the bottom of the Inbox screen had a red bar accross the bottom that said "Inbox," which is how Chatter typically indicates that mail has arrived in a different folder.

    It would help me a lot to know which version of both applications you've been using. Chatter is my must-have app, and I'd like to be able to restore my Sprint T650 when I'm on the road.
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    I recently found myself in a reset loop and away from my PC. BackupMan (v1.52.b5) saved the day and restored everything including Chatter flawlessly.
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    I've used BMan to restore select Chatter files numerous times - no issues.

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