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    I have an unlocked AT&T T6 which is about 16 months old. Now using a Singtel SIM card (I am now in Singapore).

    Last night I found that the touchscreen will not work if I tap the icons. If I use the 5 way button they DO work. WORSE is that the speaker does not work on regular phone or speaker mode (I can play but not hear MP3s). But I can hot sync successfully, so it's just the touchscreen tapping ability and the speaker that are malfunctioning.....

    I haven't made any recent changes (no new software etc) and am at a total loss as to how to solve the problem.

    Soft and warm resets have not worked.

    Has ANYONE got a clue?
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    Try clean the areas in between screen edges and casing by inserting and pulling around with small paper fold.

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