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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell
    Off on the sidebar trail we go...

    Personally I find using Blazer to be great. Every day I'm using it to check traffic conditions while on the road. Much better than waiting for radio traffic reports or the short messages given on overhead traffic info signs.

    When out shopping I'm comparing prices to what I see in the stores.

    I could go on, but Blazer does well for me.
    great for me too !
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    I pay $23.32 (before tax) for Cingular unlimited data. Last month I used 375,858kb! :-)
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    I bought my plan around 14 months ago. I got the sprint family shared plan with 2 lines and 2 phones. My wife destroyed my samsung camera flip phone while I was in Iraq forcing me to have to purchase a 650 when I got home... My plan stayed the same. I pay 100 a month for 2000 anytime mins, unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7, unlimited vision on both phones (yes I use it with my laptop frequently), messaging, you name it, I got it. Except for business connection, and the walkie talkie thang. I have no need for it.

    I'm pretty happy with it so far (service wise anyway).I still think on the whole for me that sprint is the cheapest best coverage plan I can get. I hate the company policies though. When I switched my phone number casue I moved from the area they restarted my entire contract date. Yes, to include the date I can trade my phone in for a newer one with discount. I had to fight for 3 months to fix that fiasco. All in all, the service is fair priced and works great. Just don't make changes to your plan or you'll have all kinds of contract problems.

    BAck to the subject though. Blazer is painfully slow when compared to other aftermarket browsers I've compared it with. I'm just cheap and don't want to spend more money for the better browsers. I actually left my laptop plugged in in my truck and used it when I was traveling instead of using the blazer for things like directions, gas and food stops, and local attractions.
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    Although I'd never switch to Cingular, when I look at data plan prices I see values that are higher than $25, but oh well. With Sprint I pay less and its faster...

    Regarding browsers, even on my desktop there are some sites that work with one browser and not with others... If all sites held to W3C standards maybe we could get past that issue.
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    I have found that before you sign up with a carrier, not-so-thinnly-veiled threats of choosing an alternate carrier often results in you being able to negotiate a better plan.

    If you have an exisitng carrier, you can still play this game. You just have to let them know that you are willing to "walk awy" from your contract and go with a competitor if they don't lower their rates. Acting on a "walk away" threat can cost you some serisu cash depending upon how long your remining contract runs. Conversly, cellco's just hate to lose cusotmers. Knowing how much more it costs to land a new cusotmer (fishing in the sea) versus retaining an exisitng customer (feeding the fish in the tank), they may budge a bit more than you weould ever expect.

    Be tenacious, if the rep you are speaking with won't budge, call back and try another rep or ask to speak with a manager.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130
    I pay $23.32 (before tax) for Cingular unlimited data. Last month I used 375,858kb! :-)
    If you're saying 375 megs which I think you are. How much does Cingular charge per KB if you're not on a data plan? I think it's like 10 cents per KB. Can you imagine that bill?...

    Am I wrong or would it be 37,500$...? That's THIRTY SEVEN THOUSAND, no?

    Holy crap how could they make you pay that.

    UPDATE: I just checked it's like 20 cents without a data plan that would make your bill 70k thousand dollars a month. HA HA.
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    Is it just me or does it seem like the GSM (att/cing) user feel like they have to prove to us SPrint users just how much better there plans are even though they pay $40+ for data. Every thread you look at you see some guy say "vision is only $15." and then there are 10-15 responses about how "yeah, cing is $40 but they can do this and that and it may not be as fast but it looks as fast and it comes in green, and it is neat and..." you get the idea. I fully understand that some people require gsm for world travel, and some require it for coverage in your area, but after those two reasons, you have to go a long long way to make up the $25 a month (or $300 a year~!!!!!) diffrence in data prices, and thats if you pay the full $15 for vision.
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    And I only pay like 2 bucks per phone for vision.....
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    I "cried like a baby" when I had to leave Sprint, only because of the free (yes, an 11/00 loss leader) Vision data plan on two phones; but like so many things Sprint, when we moved across town I almost completely lost my signal at home, and we use our phones for long distance calling. Cingular is okay, particularly M2M free calls, and I've found EDGE to be a little faster than Vision in most locations.
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