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    When my treo 650 is fully charged the led goes green and even a little light on battery indicator goes green but the reading shows charging & 100 % !!!..
    Anyone else having this problem(don't know whether this is even a problem or not) I really take it seriously?
    Any help appreciated...Thanks...
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    I am having the same problem with two seido usb/data cable charger and the gps cradle and even an original palm cigarette lighter charger. I think it is the power connecter in the phone. They must have been drinking the day the designed this power connector!!!
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    My battery never reads 100% charged. Does any one else have THIS problem? Even if I charge it overnight, when I take it off, it still reads 99%.
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    Damn thing is freaking out with different battery different phone!!! must be the charger. piece of crap. will be leaving this board, soon, looks like...
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