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    So I've heard bits and pieces that PalmOne will no loger support the Mac in future updates. What does this mean for mac users actually? Does it mean that the next version of the Treo will not work on the Mac? Does it mean that Palm Desktop is a end-of-lifed product?

    What alternatives do we have to continue using our Treos on the Mac platform? Convert everything to the iApps or start using Entourage/sync? Doesn't Entourage use Palm's HotSync for syncing? Missing Sync?

    Thanks for your input.
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    PalmOne will support Mac. It is PalmSource (different Palm company) that will not support Mac when Palm Cobalt is released.

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    So how can PalmOne, the hardware side, support the mac, but PalmSource, the software side, not support it? Basically that article says palmOne will make the hardware, but it will be up to third party software vendors to make it sync with a Mac. They might as well have just said that.
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    The whole point of the article is PalmOne is committed to supporting Mac. It doesn't matter who writes the software... as long as it is provided to the consumer and supported by PalmOne.
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    I wanted to interject here with my opinion. You can take it or leave it – most people here leave it it seems.

    PalmOne has chosen to support the Macintosh platform substantially more than PalmSource's non-existent support.

    But, it is my opinion they are only half-heartedly doing so.

    • Why would they bundle the completely Mac-unfriendly Real player? What a stab.

    • When I had a 650, often, after a bluetooth transfer, the Treo would say that it is "Disconnecting...", then my Mac would show the device as still being paired. It would hang until either the phone timed out or I turned off the Mac's bluetooth hardware. (as a side note, other Bluetooth devices work perfectly)

    • Bluetooth File Exchange doesn't let you browse files on the Mac.

    • Who's doing was it to incorporate ActiveSync for VersaMail? There is no Mac capabilities for this either.

    • If PalmOne really wanted to support the Mac, why didn't they throw in The Missing Sync for free. I mean jeez, they threw in VersaMail's Active Sync – for free (yeah right, you know Microsoft is making them pay up the wazoo–which means buyers of the 650 also pay up the wazoo).

    • Why does PalmOne's T5 biggest selling point, that of file transfers, not work on Macs? Not a Treo, but it certainly is a PalmOne built feature that is not available for the Mac.

    There are others, but whenever I make an extensive list. I just get raked over the coals so...

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