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    Actually, that's the problem. People keep downloading and using the "free" version of AIM (especially from the UK AOL site). There are later versions that are updated for later PalmOS that are for sale.

    If you go to this webpage you'll see there is a chart and that the latest version of AIM for the Palm is for OS 3.x - 4. This version seems to work well on the 650 so far.

    There is a version of AOL (NOT AIM) specifically for the 650

    The free version of AIM predates the 1.2 version linked on the above site and is old and will cause problems. The newest version costs $19.95. That's cheaper than Chatter or Verichat if AIM is the only functionality you need. You can also use the Web or WAP versions for nothing...but that's pretty painful.
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    The 1.2 version crashes the Treo also, though less often.
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