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    I have a Treo 650 and a 2005 Prius Package 9. I love the hands-free BT. However, at highway speeds, I have a hard time holding conversations due to road noise. The maximum volume of the BT system seems just a little too quiet. Is there anyway to convince the Treo 650 to BT at a higher volume/gain? Can the sender of a BT connection actually effect the volume or is it entirely up to the car?
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    I've had the same issue, no fix I've found thus far...
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    Learned a little on the Prius Chat forum. Put the car into diagnostic mode by doing the following:

    - hold down the MFD "Info" button
    - while doing so, toggle the parking lights on and off about 4 times total.

    Once in diagnostic mode, you'll be able to get to a BT diagnostic menu. From there, you'll be able to increase the bluetooth volume output on receive. Just power the car down to leave diagnostic mode.

    I was on the highway yesterday yet able to have a conversation on the phone. No problem!
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    I have searched various forums and cannot get my new Treo 650 to work with the Prius. Seems to work right after I set up the devices, but then after a call or 2 it stops. I have the updated version of software (checked according to the instructions for downloading the patch) ... any tricks anyone else has figured out?

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