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    Dear me -- Immensely frustrated. 650 appears useless for SMS chat threads as it immediately loses caller IDs, despite them exactly matching numbers in my Contacts. All my chat threads are therefore just a list of numbers instead of names. Also appears arbitrary as to whether or not incoming calls will show the number, but not name. None of this was a problem with the 600. Anybody else have this or know what's gone wrong? How can the software suddenly fai to use the address book look-up?
    Anxiously awaiting a response.
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    Well, mine is OK for both calls and SMS number to name translation, though I am extreme SMS and phone user... Have you tried to hard reset your Treo (so that you get rid of all 3rd-party apps) and to have only address book ther to see if it is caused by some 3rd-part software? I know this is very extreme solution, but may be you'll find the reason in that way...

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