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    I've been following the thread on the PalmOne BT headset. Just got a T650 to replace the T600 I purchased in Oct 2003, specifically because of the hi-res screen and the BT capability. The main thread got too long and started diverging into other topics, so I wanted to post this question:

    The PalmOne headset was available for a while, and now seems to be unavailable at the PalmOne site and elsewhere it seems like the first batch of inventory is starting to sell out. I wonder if PalmOne decided to temporarily discontinue the availablity until they do some tweaks. Anyone have any insights on this? Would it be better to wait for the impending re-release by PalmOne before ordering one?
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    I haven't heard anything about that, but just sent me a note that my order is now being shipped (was backordered). So it looks like the next batch is out now. I'll try and post again when I get the headset.
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    The PalmOne store has gone thru at least a half dozen shipments of these things. I was able to get a yakity sales clerk on the line when I ordered mine who said that they just got the third shipment in and would be sending my order out shortly....that was about 5 weeks ago and I been using it about a month.
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    mine just shipped after being on backorder for weeks. can't wait to try it out!
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    Mine just shipped also. Jacknaylor, care to share your thoughts now that you've had the chance to use it?
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    I've posted ina few threads but the biggest advice I can give the new owner of a TWH is TURN THE VOLUME DOWN. Before my Treo even arrrived on 02-02, I had read of so many people with volume problem shere on TC is that I immediately maxed all volumes out upon arrival. Then once I added the TWH, I had everyone tell me they were hearing themselves in an echo.

    So I turned the volume down to Bar 2 and all has been fine since. The furthest I can walk away from the Treo / cradle in my office is 32 feet without bustin thru walls and I still get decent reception.

    The other advice I'd give is don't think the thing is busted when ya try and "pair it" by holding the button down for the stipulated time in the manual of 8 takes like fact everything seems to take 1.5 times whatever it says in the manual.

    You'll see lots of posts about using the ear hook versus the Jabra ear gels. I like using both. Using either it starts to wear on me. But using both seems to share the load between the outer ear and the inner ear and I can wear it all day this way. In fact I have often gotten out of the car at 3 pm, worn it around the house all day and forgot it was there until I layed down at midnite.
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    it's strange that I keep reading that some people get up tp 32feet away from the phone, mine doesn't work not even at 6 ft. do you think it's the phone? the headset?
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    Quote Originally Posted by horatiub
    it's strange that I keep reading that some people get up tp 32feet away from the phone, mine doesn't work not even at 6 ft. do you think it's the phone? the headset?

    I am starting to wonder the same thing. I have a Jabra Freespeak and I can't even have the phone in my pants pocket without static. While others seem to be better off, I was considering buying the new palmone headset but i don't know if i should just exchange my phone 1st?
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    FWIW, it seems like the original PalmOne branded Jabra BT250p is no longer offered/supported by palmOne. If you do a warranty exchange (as I did), you get the Treo Wireless Headset. While there are photos on PalmOne's web site with the old Jabra version, there seems to be no way to order one from them. Some third parties do have some. if you choose to go with the Jabra, be sure you get the palmOne branded version, as it has special frimware that works far better with the T650.
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    I just bought a treo wireless headset for $51 at with free shipping. It said there were only a few left so act quickly.
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    Keep in mind that when i say 32 feet it is clear line of site from the cradle on my desk to as far as I can get away without leaving the room. Normally it sits on my dashboard tucked into the "cleavage" formed by the two round air vents at the top of the dash and is about 3 feet "line of sight" from the TWH.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Just bought mine from Buy but opted for the 2day shipping.
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    I just went to and can't seem to locate it. The only one that comes up is the jabra version for 72. That's not the same one right?
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    Try They just received a shipment and shipped mine today for $56.
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    #15 is out of stock already. They must not have had many at all. I kind of wish I had not gone with budget shipping...7-9 business the time I get it bluetooth may be obsolete.
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    thanks, I just picked up one. Now let's hope verizon gets the 650 this this coming month
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    Alright gang, please tell me: I just bought the Motorola HS850. Sometimes the pairing disappears, but the sound quality is decent (not excellent). It also kind feels like it will fall off the ear (although it never does). I picked one up primarily because TC gave it a nice review. With that said...

    Should I get PalmOne BT headset instead? I still have time to return the Motorola...!
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    I just bought the TWH from P1 (yes, I am patient enough to wait the 2 weeks, since shows no picture and I used my 15% discount from that contest) after considering the Flamingo. I think the price and overwhelming positive response speaks for itself!
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    I have had the pairing disengage three times on the TWH. The first two times I just cycled the phone on and off . .... the 3rd I had to repair. I'd consider the 850 and the TWH about equal. Not having to carry an extra charger for the TWH ended my purchasing dilemma for me.
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    so I get an email now telling me it's sold out but they should have more in about a week.... No rush considering I haven't even bout my 650 yet. Waiting for verizon
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