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    I've installed various third party apps and deleted some experimentally. I've finally settled on which I want to use, and my Treo is having occasionbal glitches that a soft reset will not really fix any more. I'd like to start from scratch.

    What's the best way to rebuild after a hard reset? Should I uninstall all the Palm software from my PC as well, or just hard reset the Treo and sync? Or something else? Ideally I'd like to keep all my call logs and media and personal info.

    In case it matters the only additional apps I'll be keeping are Diddlebug and Documents to Go.
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    I'd rename the folder on your desktop from say jflynn to jfylnnold. Then I would install Uninstall manager / Cleanup from northglide. Next I'd add your backup program (I use the BlueNomad Backup Buddy Pro / BackupBuddyPro VFS bundle). Add programs (1 per Hotsync) no more than 2 or 3 a day going from most important / stable to least important / experiemental.
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