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    My treo 600 is a week old, I bought it form Tmobile. As of April 17 I was not able to read my mail from yahoo on my Treo 600. I called Tmobile and they said they had issues with yahoo. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a work around?

    I have my yahoo acct. being forwarded to my hotmail but hotmail only gives you the subject and not the whole e-mail. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    How do you normally access Yahoo - POP3, IMAP, or WAP?
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    For the few hrs I could read my yahoo mail thru my treo I set it up so that if I click on the mail icon and press the "send and receive" button it was go out and grab it.

    When I set it up I used the pop3 and smtp settings. I have my and yahoo address combined. Here is the pop3 and smtp settings I used.
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    I thought you had to have the 'paid' version of yahoo in order to have the pop access on your phone. That's what I've always understood.
    I use Gmail and AOL with no problems on my 600 through Tmobile.
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    Aerick is right - you have to pay for pop access to Yahoo. How you were able to get thru before is a mystery. Pity, I would love to know the secret!
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    Easiest way to read Yahoo for free on the Treo is with in Blazer. The next best thing, if you can get it set up is Yahoo Pops. What this does is allow you to get email from Yahoo via http to pop3. It's pretty cool actually and the website talks all about it. I am thinking of setting it up myself so that Yahoo email comes to Snapper on my Treo.

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