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    I find that it's more comfortable sometimes to have a lateral pouch case than putting the treo in my pants pocket. But I still need the protection of the skin case....Does anyone know what which case can confortable fit a treo 650 with a skin case? I thought I read somewhere that a Tmobile Sidekick I case might do the job? Cheers.
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    I have just recieved the hk skin case and it fits into my krussel horizontec s wide case. Its a tight fit but I figure if I leave it in the case for a few nights the leather should stretch enough to make it easy to take in and out.

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    I went down to WalMart and bought a small Targus camera case for $0.94. This is a padded ballistic nylon case with a velcro closure. There is room for the phone in a skin case and a pen/stylus. The case attachs to my belt with a nylon strap. When I need to sit in a tight seat, I just take the phone out and case collapses against my hip.

    I have had it for 2 months and really like it.
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    I just bought the targus case at Walmart too. I have a Rhinoskin case on my 600 and it fits nicely in there with enough room for my ID and credit cards (I like to carry a money clip instead of a wallet)
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    Im not sure what you mean by lateral. How about this one here

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