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    Is there a comprehensive list of Treo (600 for me) compatible headphones and headsets anywhere?

    More importatnly, is there a place where one can actually see, touch and try them at least for fit and feel?

    I bought a Sure headset a while back and it works great, but it just does not fit my ears and the speaker just "falls" out of my ear canal. As a result, I would like to try some other things as well, but spending $$ before trying is not economical if the device does not work for me. Any suggestions?

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    Ya can look at pictures and see specs here:

    Radio Shack carries Jabra , Best Buy Motorola but onlyslected models. To get touchy feeley, walk into a local brick and mortar "all acrriers" store. But keep in mind that not many joints are gonna let you open a sealed pacakge and stuff the thing into body orifices and then say, "nah, I don't like it".

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