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    It has become very difficult for users to judge how well any given bluetooth headset works with the Treo 650. I'd like to begin a poll so that owners of the various bluetooth headsets can post their experience. Please include the following:

    RATED 1 - 5 (5 being best)

    Sound Quality
    Sound Volume
    Bluetooth Distance
    Connect Time
    Battery Life

    My experience w/ the Treo 650 and Scala 500 has been as follows:

    Comfort: 5
    Sound Quality: 4
    Sound Volume: 3
    Bluetooth Distance: 2
    Connect Time: 4
    Pairing/Answering/Redialing/etc: 4
    Battery Life: 4
    Comments: A lot of static and crackling if the headset and phone are more than 3 feet apart. Volume is only loud enough for use in a semi-quiet environment. The Scala usually connects w/ the Treo 650 within 2-3 seconds, for incoming and outgoing calls.
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    Experience with Treo 650 (GSM Cingular) and the SE HBH-660

    Comfort - 5 (with Jabra eargel mod)
    Sound Quality - 5
    Sound Volume - 5
    Bluetooth Distance - 4
    Connect Time - 4
    Pairing/Answering/Redialing/etc - 5
    Battery Life - 3
    Comments: Great device. Since I hate the earhooks, the recommendation and directions on using Jabra Eargels has made this bluetooth device awesome. The connection of phone calls takes almost no time for me, it usually picks up in the middle of the first ring, for both incoming and outgoing calls.
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    how can I stop the headset from auto connecting when I place an outgoing call?

    Cingular 680

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