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    Just bought it last night. When I back up, shouldn't it backup my contacts too? I could have sworn when I installed it last night I made a backup copy, but when I was forced to do a restore this morning after a hard reset it put everything back except contacts . Help!
    I have a backup at home, so I'll restore them tonight, but could someone tell me what I did wrong that it didn't restore them this morning when it did everything else?
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    I have used BackupBuddy several times for a restore and it has always restored my contacts. The only thing that comes to mind is if you are using a custom backup and had not selected the contacts database somehow.

    Sorry, I'm not much help.
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    Are you using the default contacts app on the Treo, or a 3rd party one? I don't think that BackupBuddy backs up the old format contacts database, only the new, expanded one.
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    Wow! I almost purchased it last night as well.
    It should backup everything! Otherwise, what's the point?
    I suggest you look at your configuration and see if you have selected any exceptions.
    If not, contact the developer.

    I tested BB VFS for the 30 day trial period doing a restore twice a week and did not notice any problems. Now my trial has expired so I was thinking of purchasing it. However, I will wait to learn a little more from your experience before I finally decide...
    Sorry I can't offer any help.
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    I did a zero-reset on my Treo 650 and restored my contacts from Backupbuddy VFS w/o any problems.
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    Yeah, I'm starting to think I did something wrong. Going home to reinstall everything fresh tonight, then I'll post my experience.
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    Maybe you should try again. The first time I did a restore from a hard reset, it updated everything but my SplashID data, which is my most critical app since I at least have my contacts on my PC. So I thought "what a load of crap". But the second time I had to do a restore from a hard reset, everything was restored (except for my JVM, of course).

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