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A Couple Suggestions - webOS Nation Forums
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    Hey there Mr. Marc, I have just a couple suggestions that I would like to make.

    1.) When sending an email, after I put in the address of the recipient and go to the body of the email, is there a way that you can automatically press the "shift" key for me? It's just a little strange to get used to the fact that when typing after a punctuation mark I don't have to shift, but on just that first letter I do.

    2.) When a new email comes in and the little reply box is still up, we have an option for the smilies. Is there a setting I can change that will give me that little icon when responding to mail that has already passed that first received screen?

    That's it. The speed problem when sending with GMail seems to be fixed with the newest beta on your site. With Matthew23's help I changed a couple settings (which I changed back when I installed the site beta, speed is still good now). I don't know if you changed anything in the latest but it's better for me now with GMail.

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    did those settings work for you w/ the newest beta??
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    Well, it looked sent from the Treo faster, but in the little tests I was doing it actually took longer to get to the recipient. I don't know if I still had something set wrong or what, but I noticed in the email you referenced another beta that was newer still, so I went and got that one off the site and now things seem to be working very will. Takes from 5-10 seconds to send depending on connection I believe. Thanks again for all your help man. Now if I could get Outlook to forward without saying the message is from me I'll have run out of things to wish for in respect to the mobile email world (well for the most part )
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    ha, good luck...glad everything works for you now. chatter is PERFECT now for me, sends fast with gmail, is easy to use and the auto-contacts feature is GREAT. Now I have the advantage of a blackberry on my treo plus everything else that is so great (or sometimes not so great that the treo offers (movies, music, document programs, palm vnc, verichat, voice dialing, audible, splashmoney, name it!!!)....
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    And it is now perfect for me as well. I started using the Redirect rule instead of forward (I thought I had tried this, but guess I didn't have something set correctly) and now I get the original sender's name in the from field. Outstanding stuff, screw Blackberry!
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    Here are some more requests. THis was the closest thread I could find for feedback.

    1. Add a moving ICON next to the % download when an attachement is loading in message view. Like a spinning wheel, so there is no doubt if is doing something or not. Sometimes when I download larger files, there will be a little bit of time from when I see the %download flash off the screen, to when it comes back again and it makes me wonder if I still have a connection still or not
    2. Add a delete off server choice for each email in the mailbox view when you click on the action ICON to the left of the message. There are times that I want to not leave certain emails on the server, yet I don’t want to delete them from the treo either.
    3. Have Chatter delete the POP email from the server once it’s 100% downloaded. Also have a choice for “Leave message on Server” for those that don’t want it. (ie. I would like my Sprint PCS email to be set to delete each emal from the server once it’s downloaded, the way it is now, I have to either delete it from the Treo, or log into the PCS email from a PCS and delete it that way. Once the PCS mail box gets beyond a certain size (I want to say 2M) you can no long receive emails, so this would help with that too. On the other hand, I want to keep the email on the server for my Road Runner accounts. However, there are special cases with the Road Runner account where I want to delete certain emails off the server to avoid them being down laoded at home and this is were request #2 would be helpful
    4. I don’t know how far you want to go with the POP support, but a “Deleted” folder would be great and perhaps not make Chatter seem so foreign to the people trying it out that are use to other POP clients?
    5. If you do request #4, then a choice for “Empty Trash”
    6. When in the summary box, if you open a message and then use the Next and Prevoius icons (the little green arrows by “OK”, when you get a different day, you get a blank email, can you put that date in the blank so it’s not blank and lets you know what day your going to next.
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    Since Burkhardi mentioned some requests, I have one small suggestion too.

    I've only been using Chatter for a little over a week now and the one thing that I have found slightly annoying is that the delete button and the next button/array are not next to each other. When reading the first new message, if I hit the delete button it will automatically go to the next message, but if I don't want to delete the current message, I have to move over 3 buttons (I think that's right) to get to the next arrow and then move back over to the delete button to get delete the next junk message.

    It would just be helpful if those 2 buttons were next to each other, or maybe just a bit larger buttons instead, which would allow for easier finger tapping. I have a hard time trying to get the current buttons to respond with my index finger and end up using the five way all the time.
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    CrazyC - Why not just use the "d" one-key command? It's easier than either of those things, I think.

    Burkhardi - Great suggests. I will put them on the list...

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    Doah! Thanks. I haven't played with the one key commands yet. I should have known that you'd have thought of something previously.

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