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    Hello all,

    Anyone find a good way to hook up the Treo 650 to your car audio for MP3 playback? I bought a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter and an FM modulator at Radio Shack. It's working but isn't too sexy. I want a more finished product. I would love a Bluetooth built-in system. I would buy one for the car and one for the boat.

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    our version of bt will not support stereo transmission. the best option is to have a head unit or receiver (most mid to high end units) with an RCA input on it. you can buy an inexpensive (or moderately expensive Monster Cable version) adapter to use with a headphone adapter. I use one with my home stereo and my computer speakers and in my boat with great sound. that's by far the best option.
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    Boat or car will be the same - you will need a radio that will accept audio input. You can then use a 2.5mm to whatever that input is to have a direct connection. Otherwise you will have to use FM modulation which is not the best audio quality.
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