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    Hello all!

    I just purchased my Treo 650 from Rogers Wireless here in Canada yesterday, and I was in for a shock for what I have taken for granted, which is whenever I dialed out on my Sony Ericsson z600, the call would be automatically transferred to my BT250 headset. So obviously, my BT250 are NOT the ones that came free with the Treo 650 and therefore, the owners of the free BT250 are "lucky" to not have the manual link issue, which detracts hugely from having a BT headset in the first place. From here on, the phrase "manual link issue" refers to the fact that when you place an outgoing call, the call does not get transferred directly from the Treo 250 to the paired BT250 headset. And yes, I have tried the advance pairing option by holding down the volume up button and power button together for 8 seconds.

    Now, after spending nearly 2 to 3 hours scouring the net and the forums here, I feel that there may be hope. I should have learned earlier before buying the Rogers Treo 650 that officially, Treo 650 does not officially support "hands free profile" for any of the Jabra BT headsets (namely 200 and 250).

    I also have called Jabra and they have revealed something about this manual link issue. They have informed me that PalmOne has sent Jabra an e-mail regarding the BT headset manual link issue can be resolved in 2 ways, which are either by downloading the Carkit update or the 1.08 update. I have called in twice to Jabra support, which to their credit are very well aware of this specific problem, and got two different reps and both reps have confirmed the existence of this e-mailed solution from PalmOne.

    Therefore, I have attempted to download both solutions knowing full well that the Carkit update is for Cingular Treo's and the 1.08 update is for Sprint. Because I'm desperate, and I have only 6 days left to decide to whether to return the Treo or keep it. Both updates have failed on my Rogers Treo 650 as expected.

    I have read as much as possible in these forums about people's experience with their BT250 after updating their Treo's to version 1.08. All I learned is that it did make a difference, but only in volume and clarity. NOBODY talked about whether the 1.08 update really addressed the manual link issue.

    I pray that someone who has updated with either the 1.08 update or the Carkit update can confirm that these updates do INDEED fix the manual link issue for the BT250 before I have to return my Treo 650 by next Wednesday (April 27th, 2005).

    Rogers has yet to put out any update for the Treo 650 on their site and the Rogers Treo 650 downloads on PalmOne's website has NO Carkit update nor the 1.08 update at this time. I understand that the phone was introduced into Rogers only about 1 to 2 months ago, so I sure pray that something is coming down the pipeline from PalmOne very soon.

    I love my BT250 headset and I would not hesitate to give up the Treo 650 to continue using my BT250 with my Sony Ericsson z600, which pairs up like a charm.

    My remaining 2 options are..
    1) To get confirmation that the 1.08 update or Carkit DOES indeed fix the manual link issue. Once I get that confirmation, I will track down both PalmOne's and Roger's reps/managers to see if 1.08 update/Carkit update is indeed coming. If so, I will definitely keep the Treo 650 and just manually link for now.

    2) If the new BT500 is confirmed to not have a manual link issue with the Treo 650, I will consider just upgrading my headset to the BT500 instead since its slimmer and sleeker looking with the same great 8 hour battery talk time.

    I thank in advance to all who respond with the very important information I need and I hope you can understand my dilemma and time constraint. Cheers!
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    Just in case if anyone was wondering....
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    For example, if the updates does indeed fix the manual link issue, can you tell me how long it takes app for the phone to send the call to the headset after pressing send? Thanks again....and any additional information would be most welcome. =)

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