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    I have finally killed my treo :-) installed too much stuff and ran out of memory. Got into a soft reset loop. So did a hard reset and then did a resync from my laptop. However it started to install all the apps I have ever install even if removed from treo even though they were not listed in my quick install. Why is this happening ? Also having a look in the hotsync custom settings there are loads of custom application based sync options like splashID etc ... how can I make hotsync not think it has to reinstall everything. Or do I have to reinstall Palm on my laptop ?

    Also one other thing driving me mad, is the amount of time when in phone mode it goes into sleep if I don;t touch anything. It seems like its 2secs at the moment. I have seen a few settings which go up to 15secs (using Butler) but does not seem to make a difference. Is there anyway around this ?
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    rename the old backup folder in the palm directory.. palm-hotsync name-backup... I hope this helps also the palm directory will be in program files..
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