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    Why is the Nutshell better than the Covertec Horizontal? If anyone has tried them both, I'd be interested in your opinion.

    They both have the clip that rests close to the hip. I'm convinced that all those clips that set the phone out an inch away from your body are NOT for me.

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    I used a Nutshell with my Clie. They're well built, and if you have a problem, just write them and they'll replace it. They'll also customize.

    I haven't seen nor used a Covertec. Personally, I'm using a Seidio clip.

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    I had the covertec - sold it on ebay. The case kept falling out everytime I sat down (specially in the winter) I'd be walking around and find out that my Treo / covertec had slipped off my belt and was "roaming" around inside my jacket - kinda like a hamster running around - not that I have ever had a hamster running around in my jacket.

    The quality of the covertec was great though - just didn't work for me. Another issue I had was I couldn't find a non-akward way of taking the phone out of the case, I would pull it up by the antenna but that felt akward and I was always afraid the phone would fall. Based on reviews I have read at Treocentral (do a search on nutshell) I ordered my nutshell last week. Am getting the one with the belt loop so that I can wear it vertical or horizontal.

    Hope that helps!


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