NOTE: This thread was origainally posted in response to similar thread, found here...

Based on the level of detail in my response, though, I reckon it deserved a thread of its own. Here it is:


Before I get started, the big question...Since I really intend to lose the laptop--for personal use (not desktop/business)--how hard would it be to synch data from my T600 to a T650--without a laptop? Or am I SOL? Would I have to borrow a friend's computer and enter/synch my exisiting T600 synch ID to get the job done?

Some things could be done manually (i.e speed dial, Web bookmarks) but others could not, at least without a lot of time on my hands (i.e. address book, notepad). I figure if I make the leap now with lots of blood, sweat and tears for the T600 to T650 transition, I should come out ahead and coast for the foreseeable future (See Section V to see what I mean.)


Due to circumstances beyond my control (at least that's what I tell myself), my laptop died on me (Compaq Presario, 2001 or 2002 model) yesterday.

My first reaction was not good to say the least. I'll know in a few days if it's worth recovering, as I'm having it daignosed as we speak. Previously, I had been lugging the laptop back and forth between home and the car, mainly for use at Internet cafes (job search), the whole issue with cookie crumbs and all of that other stuff that tends to gradually damage laptops But the cafe was also an excuse to get out of my Mom's hair while I'm living there (Bad economy and jobs and companies taking their time to hire...). That said, I realized I'd become a slave to my laptop and, well, maybe my accident was a gift in disguise...


The only stuff that was on my laptop, of course, was (1) my P1 Hotsynch manager/app (2) DVD/CD-RW drive (3) countless newspaper clippings on housing/real estate and other topics (digital packrat!). Unfortunately, I hadn't hot synched in over three weeks (like that matters now!). I do have the MDM Secure File Back-Up Card (, so that's not too much of an issue although I did not install the recent updater (for T600s & T650s) for it--when I should have--for my current T600 with Sprint update:

On my T600, the apps I use constantly are Agendus, Snapper Mail and Pocket Express (and all the other built-in apps of course). Those are crucial apps for me. That and Splash ID. Oddly enough, so is notepad! Thankfully, I have a few resumes stored on my Gmail account, that can be accessed through a regular computer (irony alert!) and send to my Treo's Gmail account via the Snapper conduit/app.


It was always my plan to "lose the laptop," but with my recent scenario, I just might be jump-starting it a bit! (I was also planning to transfer all those aforementioned laptop Word files to the Docs-to-Go format via a SD card.)
My original goal was to wait 'till the latest Treo comes out (with hopefully Palm OS6) later this year/early next, but now I just may have to get a T650. [Plus, if I do get the T650, I can always sell my T600 (with my acessories) on Craig's or on TC itself.]

The timing is right, as I have a few more weeks 'till I qualify for Sprint's upgrade program (the 'every 18 months' deal). Contract wise, I'm also month-to-month with Sprint and last Friday--before my laptop crashed--had just changed my Vision to $10/month! (I made sure I was still month-to-month.) Also, the T650s should also have the updater pre-installed by now, if they haven't already. As I write this, I just got a coupon for 15% off any Treo Store order (via the T650 contest they had the other day. Too bad I didn't win a T650 or a 50% off cupon!).

IV: T650 (inc. accessories) POINTS TO PONDER

The fact that the T650 has a higher-res screen and a faster processor and Bluetooth makes me think this will make it much easier for me to do the job search exclusively over Sprint's Vision/Internet service. With the free upgrade to Docs-to-Go version 7 (resume editing on the fly!), this looks like a good deal. I was also on the verge of getting a SanDisk Ultra II 2GB SD card. (Again, with the T650's faster processor speed, this should be a nice little perk.) Then there's this groovy little thread:


For the ftuture: Hard to gauge now, but how easy/difficult would it be to upgrade software and apps from T650 Palm OS 5.4 to OS 6.0 hardware/Treos (I'm still hoping it wont be Microsoft Pocket PC!) when that time comes? In theory, on the basis of T650's Bluetooth, most programs should make the switch easily (Bluetooth T650 to Bluetooth Txxx.) On a similar note, I'm hoping the brain trust at P1 will find a way to hot synch/transfer data from a T650 To a future Treo device--without using a laptop or desktop. Maybe by then, MDM or some other company will have a SD card/synch solution (i.e. device to device/Treo to Treo).


I hope I made my case for 'losing the laptop,' from a (T600 to a) T650 to a Txxx perspective. If I missed any topics/insights, please let me know.