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    blue square with the white "*" in my phone view? I'm on Sprint. It lives in the upper left of the phone view, blinks on and off right over the word "Sprint"?

    Thanks in advance for any answers
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    Try clicking on it!
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    It's an indicator that you have an Alert. Click on it and it will take you to the message.

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    P.S. (You can also find answers to your questions by doing a Search located at the top of the Forum).
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    Well, I've been alerted. Thanks. Couldn't find it in the manual
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    You can also press and hold the center button on the five way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by terryg
    You can also press and hold the center button on the five way.

    Now that I didn't know about. Thanks!
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    does anyone know what it means? I could not find it in the manual.

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    You have an alert of some kind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imgg
    does anyone know what it means? I could not find it in the manual.

    do you have "Butler" installed?
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    try pressing the center button for awhile
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    Sorry I don't know what Butler is. I just bought my Treo 4 days ago and so far so good but every once in a while i see this snowflake like symbol blink and i have no idea what it means. I have not installed anything but what came with the treo.

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    Don't tap on it with yout stylus...It's the auto erase feature!!!
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    seriously though...this is the alert indicator, press and hold the center button or tap it with your stylus. you have an sms or an unacknowledged alarm or some kind af alert.
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    I've always been curious about whether there's a way to disable the Alert Manager. I personally have no use for the Snowflake and would rather not have it appear. Anyone know of a way to disable it?
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    Thanks for everyones response. So the snowflake is not for a specific alert function? It's just a general alert or some sort?
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    any kind of alert the Treo traps (new email if you're polling with Versamail; SMS; regular Calendar alarm; etc.) will show up there. Lots of threads on this topic, but i'm not sure i've ever seen a way to turn it off...
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    just tap on the snowflake man!!!
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    Using a treo is not rocket science ya know! My goodness, some people really require every little bit of information to be spoon fed to them...
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    Could it be your 650 is notifying you it has changed the time in accordance with daylight savings time?
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    WoW.....all this time i saw the snowflake I thought snow was in the forcast......

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