I'm currently using Beyond Contacts as my PIM, but since a lot of applications integrate with the built-in PIM, I think what I'm going to do is set certain of the built-in PIM synchronizations to be one way (i.e. overwrite handheld with desktop always). This way, I can make changes to contacts, calendar, etc. on either my desktop or Beyond Contacts application, and these changes will then be eventually replicated down to the built-in PIM applications. The only problem is that the Beyond Contacts application synchronizes after the built-in PIM applications. As a result, if I make a change to a contact or calendar entry or something in Beyond Contacts, I'll have to synchronize twice to get it down to the built-in PIM application. Anyone know if there is a way to re-arrange the synchronization order for ActiveSync so I can move Beyond Contacts before the built-in PIM applications for synchronization? Thanks for the help!

- marc