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    Well I got my treo and it was working fine until I installed pocketmirror now my phone will not hot sync at all. I need some help To get it back working I uninstalled them both. and reinstalled the palm software and it wont work.
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    Can you give some more info, Is there an error message on the desktop or is it just freezing during hot sync, tell all
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    Well when I hit the hotsync button nothing happens then my phone tells me its unable to connect
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    The hot sync cables are famous for being cr@p. If you jiggle the cable can you get it to hot sync or do you have an IR on your tower?
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    OK I will try that But Im thinking its some software problems because I just got my phone and I noticed that after I installed packetmirror i has not want to sync
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    This is the message Im getting I tryed the moving the cable " The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try again. "
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    man souns like the cable to me, try realy giggleing and pushing it it their. This is a well known problem.
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    This is the connector that has caused the same problem for many users. I bent mine out with a paperclip and it took care of it.
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    Thanks for your help
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    Sorry if that didnt help. There are several threads on the subject. I read through them quickly. No good answers. If all connections are good a hard reset of course should do the trick.

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