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    Well, I too got the 15% off, oh well, I use verizon and it is not out on their network anyways

    oh and the flashing light is an upside down cross/arrow
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    It doesn't appear that you can't use the 15% coupon on Vaja cases
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    I won 3 of the 15% off as well. I guess it's better than nothing at all
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    I won two of the 15% off coupons. Both coupon codes are the same only the links differ.
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    TGB75Q2ZXN my 15% off coupon i guess there all the same
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis
    Why not switch to Sprint? I don't understand this obsession. Mind you, I am no Sprint loyalist, and I am leaving Sprint this month after four or five fairly happy, even delightful, years with Sprint. I never found anything too terrible and every so often things were perfect. So why not switch?

    Oh...Sprint sucks, of course, but they all suck, so why the irrational loyalty? My only problem now is to choose between TMO and Cingular....Hmmmm....I wonder which one is better. Do you think they both suck? Nah, couldn't be....
    I went into several Sprint stores. I investigated both Sprint and Cingular extensively for well over a month. I tried to get Cingular service, but it is not available in my area. I tried to get five different Cingular places to sell me service, but I couldn't get it.

    Sprint does not have any towers where I work. Zero service. Check their coverage map...if you are not on a major highway you get no PCS service. Want to pay $5 extra for roaming? Great! You pay the same for half the minutes. PCS, no web or email access, so what's the point?

    I have gone over this time and time again. I have checked out every other carrier. Verizon is the only one that will work in the places I am the most...home and work. I use my cell phone for long distance calls. I need to get my email and catch up on web stuff at work but I can't because the school server blocks 99.5% of the internet...including all blogs and message boards.

    It's not like I am not willing to pay a wireless company money for the service. i want the service, but I have a situation where I will have to do what comes least naturally to patient.
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    It is not the same. When you move your mouse onthat link, you will see a very long and unique id, I guess that makes the difference, not the code.
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    Probably a stupid question, but for those who won the 50%, does it limit you to ordering 1 phone?

    BTW, I won the 15%

    Edit: NVM, I just looked at the 50% page and it does limit it to one per order.
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    I entered about 20 times - had to be away from my desk most of the day, and couldn't enter from my Treo. Used the same email address every time, and I haven't received any prize notification yet. Hopefully this is a good sign.
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    good luck to all the winners!!! I am not among those ranks... yet!!!
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jetkins
    I entered about 20 times - had to be away from my desk most of the day, and couldn't enter from my Treo. Used the same email address every time, and I haven't received any prize notification yet. Hopefully this is a good sign.

    thanks strange I only entered once for each email address and won 3 different times the 15% off
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    Well, I got all excited cause I remembered that I had entered first from work then from home using two seperate emails. I hadn't checked my home email yet, so I thought there was hope? BIG MISTAKE!!! Thanks for nothing PalmOne!!! A treo600 and treo650 and u can't even give me something back... almost like the lousy 20% coupon you gave me for registering... cheapos!!!

    Can you tell I am disgruntled... I was really hoping to get the 50% off so that I could get a bluetooth headset :-(

    Oh well, I should be used to disappointment by now... LOL
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    The 50% can only be used towards a Treo accessories. bluetooth headset. That's what I wanted, too.
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    Just go here and get your 15% Treo coupon if you did not get one in the email:

    What a scam! It's the same Coupon Code!
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    No one "won" the 15% code. Its a consolation. You LOST the contest.
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    The 15% off is not a "prize". I am sure that everyone who lost, but submitted an entry received the 15% off email. The email itself does not even state that it is a prize, but rather that "you did QUALIFY to receive 15% off any Treo Store order placed by April 26, 2005".
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    Here is the original email for the giveaway contest. If you actually read it, it says either Free Treo or Great Discounts. So 15% is not a prize.
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    RETRACTED! it did not work!

    sorry I thought it gave 50% but I found out that it doesn't when I went to order.

    My bad!
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    >>The code is the same for 15% and 50% the only difference is what link you type it in at.

    Go try to place an order, check your shopping cart, and you'll notice that you have a 15% discount, not 50%
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    If you all had not entered so much maybe I would have won.

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