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    On the PC VersaMail has both a handheld component as well as a PC side component.

    Is there such a "PC" side piece on the Mac?
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    no desktop Mac version, but if you are just wanting to keep your email in sync, get a IMAP account and use Apple's Mail app. it will have a bunch of new features in Tiger.
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    That's fine ... I just wanted to make sure that I didn't miss something. :-)

    I appreciate the reply.
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    Didn't miss anything. But there is one annoying problem with this. You can only add around 7 email accounts on the Treo. Even if you delete the older accounts on the Treo, you are still limited and you are supposed to delete the old accounts on the desktop application. Since there is no desktop Mac app, this isn't possible. Found this out the hard way when I had to set up an Exchange account a few times.

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