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    But they gave me a 15% coupon for trying i guess:

    Thank you for entering our Treo Thanks a Million contest. Although you did not win one of our free Treo smartphones, you did qualify to receive 15% off any Treo Store order placed by April 26, 2005. To redeem your coupon, visit

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    When did you receive that? I still haven't heard back. Did you enter more than once? If so, did you only get one "prize" from them?
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    I just got my response. Didn't win. But got 15% off.. .
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    Me too.
    Oh well, at least I can get a little off an accessory for my new VZW Treo 650 (whenever it comes out!).
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    just got it a few mins ago, entered with three emails, and recieved that twice now, so i still have won shot left...

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    Got two here. It has to be used before April 26. Well, kinda sucks
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    Damn, I didn't win a Treo!
    I did get an email to all 3 emails accounts that I used with a 15% coupon that I now convienently only have 5 days to use!!
    I bet nobody won a Treo and we all got a 15% coupon.
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    Samething with me. I used 3 emails and probably I entered 200,000 times for 6 hours, and all I get is 15% on all 3 email accounts. I think this was just a marketing gimik.
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    Well I still have only recieved the email on two of the three accounts, so maybe there is still hope for me!!

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    got 15%
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    got the 15% off coupon as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linc
    got the 15% off coupon as well.
    Got the 15% off here too...apparently it doesn't apply to the software store though :-(
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    Fifteen percent off for me as well. I entered hundreds of times (I was sick on Tuesday) and all I got was a stinkin' 15% off. I'm interested to see if anyone on here at least received the 50% off coupon.
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    I won a treo!!

    oh wait... sorry... there was a piece of hair on my screen that was conveniently in the shape of the word "treo"... i brushed it off to find that i only got 15% off.
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    Same as all .. I just kept that popup window on my screen and every time I noticed it I clicked and entered a few times .. so easily 100 times. Alas just the 15% coupon.

    Of course if I was PalmOne I would issue at least one 50% off or a Treo to someone on this list just to be credible.

    I really would have purchased an unlocked GSM 650 if I got the 50% or anything more than 15% since I am still holding out with my 600 (for T-mobile).
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    Now I'm getting worried, I used a couple of email addresses and haven't gotten a reply at all... they're messin wit me man!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjosh
    Now I'm getting worried, I used a couple of email addresses and haven't gotten a reply at all... they're messin wit me man!
    Id be more eager than worried if I were you.. at this point if youve heard back from them its most likely for a coupon. Maybe this delay is a good sign
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    FWIW, I've gotten the offer at two different email addresses and they both have the same coupon code and URL to activate it. So it looks like anyone can get the discount. But just to be sure...

    Anyone else who got the 15% offer: Does your coupon code start with TGB7 and end with ZXN? If so, then it sounds like theres only one code, and I'll go ahead and publish my code and the URL here for anyone to use.
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    I got the same thing too. Looks like the same code.
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    15% off here. Worthless since we can find all these accessories for more than % off at other places. Blah.
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